Alumni Club

The strength of any institute is comprises the present students, who are the future leaders as well as the alumni of the college, who bring in accolades by virtue of their success and standing in the society.

The Alumni Cell at MAISM, acts as the bridge between the past and the future. It networks with the alumni and brings them closer to the students by organizing workshops and lectures and facilitating one-on-one interactions with those who have ‘been there and done that', all the while believing that such interactions help in narrowing the gap between the academia and the corporate world.

MAISMs active Alumni cell provides a platform for the alumni to network and interact with the students, faculty members and the management, thereby enhancing the educational experience at the institute and promoting brand MAISM in the business environment.

MAISM aims at creating and sustaining a mutually beneficial relationship between the institute and its alumni network. The team intends to increase alumni engagement in various academic, cultural and social activities at the institute and beyond to ensure interaction between them and the students. This would help students to get a first-hand insight into the corporate world and the Alumni to network with their batch mates and friends.

MAISM calls upon esteemed alumni to come forward and connect to their alma mater - the place that they were once a part of and one that they never felt like leaving. The association thereby provides a platform to not merely give back but get back to their institution.

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